Lara Logan's '60 Minutes' Interview On Egypt Assault: I've 'Broken The Silence' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Lara Logan's Terrifying Account Of Assault

The full "60 Minutes" interview with CBS correspondent Lara Logan aired on Sunday night. In the interview, Logan recounted her sexual assault in Egypt in harrowing, unsparing detail.

The interview included footage from Logan's reporting on the night of the assault. Her crew's cameras captured her covering the celebrations that had erupted in Cairo in the wake of President Hosni Mubarak's ouster. They also captured the moment when the camera's battery went out, and Logan's terrifying cry of "Stop!" as she was pulled into an angry mob.

Speaking to CBS' Scott Pelley, Logan did not flinch from describing what happened to her. She said the mob tore her clothes "to shreds" as people in the mob took pictures with their cellphones, "their hands raping me over and over and over again." People even tried to tear pieces of her scalp clean off her head, she told Pelley.

It was the thought of her children that made Logan fight for her life, she said:

When I thought I am going to die here, my next thought was I can't believe I just let them kill me, that that was as much fight as I had. That I just gave in and I gave up on my children so easily, how could you do that? ...I had to fight for them. And that's when I said, "Okay, it's about staying alive now. I have to just surrender to the sexual assault. What more can they do now? They're inside you everywhere." So the only thing to fight for, left to fight for, was my life.

After over 25 minutes more, Logan said she finally fell into the arms of a group of Egyptian women, who helped protect her from the mob until Egyptian soldiers beat her attackers back.

She told Pelley that she is "so much stronger" now, and that she is "extremely proud" to have "broken the silence on what all of us [women journalists] have experienced but never talk about."

Logan has now returned to work at CBS--in fact, just hours after the interview aired, she was on television, reporting about the death of Osama bin Laden.


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