Lara Stone & Kate Moss Pose For 'LOVE' With Kitten Ears (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Lara & Kate Are Shiny Little Kittens

LOVE magazine specializes in dreamy, fanciful yet boundary-pushing images, using models and the occasional celeb to create gorgeous photos.

For the mag's upcoming Issue 7, two LOVE faves, Lara Stone and Kate Moss, got together for a photo by Mario Testino. Last time Lara and Kate posed for a joint LOVE shoot, stark nudity was the theme. This time around for the "After Taste" issue, the two supermodels donned sparkly cat ears and smiled for a fun, colorful shot.

We have to admit: much as we love the brooding nudes and artier pics, photos like this make us smile. And are those freckles on their noses? Too cute.

Be our BFFs, Lara and Kate?

Issue 7 of LOVE hits newsstands Monday, February 6. In the meantime, check out


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