Lara Trump Hails Donald Trump's Fight For Animals And It Doesn't Go So Well

Eric Trump's wife sparked anger when she praised the president's fight "for all Americans, and animals too!"

Lara Trump faced swift backlash on Wednesday after she praised President Donald Trump on Twitter for “fighting for all Americans, and animals too!”

The president’s daughter-in-law shared the above image a month after Trump signed The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act.

But critics immediately pounced on the post to remind Trump of her husband’s 2012 hunting trip to Africa with his brother, Donald Trump Jr., in which they posed with dead big-game animals on safari.

People also highlighted the recent revelation that Trump Jr. killed a rare sheep during a summer hunting trip in Mongolia and was then retroactively granted permission to do so by the country’s president.

Some recalled how the Trump administration in August took steps to weaken the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Others noted how Trump’s anti-environment agenda is contributing to the climate crisis:

Many also called the Trump White House out over its policies that are harming humans: