Lara Trump Shares Video Of Visibly Upset Son Outside In Rain During Hurricane Ian

Donald Trump's daughter-in-law is facing backlash after posting a video of her son during the storm, which she called a "character building" exercise.

Lara Trump made a big splash on social media Wednesday, but probably not in the way she intended.

Trump — who is married to Eric Trump, the second-born son of former President Donald Trump — posted a video on Instagram showing her 5-year-old son riding a toy bulldozer on a Florida street while rains from Hurricane Ian pour down on both of them.

The video was captioned, “Thought we had a clear window, turns out we did some character building instead 🙈🤣🌧🌀 stay safe everyone! 🙏🏽”

But what Lara Trump called “character building” others called cruelty, mainly because the child was visibly sad and crying in the video.

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