RNC's Endorsement Of Lara Trump As Co-Chair Sure Sounds Like An Insult

"God does not call the qualified; he qualifies the called," RNC member Beth Bloch said when introducing the former president's daughter-in-law.

When the Republican National Committee selected Lara Trump as its new co-chair on Friday, its members celebrated the moment with an unintentionally brutal backhanded compliment at the same time.

Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law was selected for the position, which she will share with Michael Whatley, despite having little experience in political fundraising.

The appointment came at the former president’s behest because Lara Trump, who is married to Eric Trump, represents a way to help her financially strapped father-in-law get access to GOP funds to pay his legal bills.

In fact, RNC member Beth Bloch, the person who introduced Lara Trump as the new co-chair, couldn’t help but admit that the nepo-baby-in-law didn’t really have the experience needed for the job.

“In a world where qualifications are often measured by titles and years of experience, we are reminded of a powerful truth: God does not call the qualified; he qualifies the called,” she said. “Lara Trump is the embodiment of this truth.”

Bloch’s introduction fit the definition of “political gaffe” ― when a politician unintentionally says something truthful ― and users of X, formerly Twitter, had a field day mocking the inadvertent insult.

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