'House of Lies' Larenz Tate Actor Talks Reuniting With Nia Long

Season two of Showtime’s original series, “House of Lies,” has sprung the much-talked about on-screen reunion between Larenz Tate and Nia Long.

The pair, who co-starred alongside each other in the 1997 romantic film “Love Jones,” currently holds recurring roles on the Comedy series opposite of Golden Globe winner, Don Cheadle.

Tate recently made an appearance on a segment of HuffPost Live, where he talked about reuniting with the sexy actress.

“Nia and I are friends. It’s so funny because, when I got the offer to do this project I spoke with Don [Cheadle] and I knew that he was going to hire her as well, but I didn’t tell her,” he explained. “I told her, ‘I got some news,’ I told her that I was on the show and she was very happy. And then I said, ‘I got some other good news, but I’ll wait. You’ll hear it soon.’ And it’s just great!”

“I’m so happy for Nia. This character that she plays is a totally different character, something we haven’t seen her do. And she’s amazing on the show as well. It’s just great to have that reunion.”

When it came to whether or not the two will reignite their “Love Jones” romance, Tate played it coy to say the least. Check out his response in the clip above.



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