Glowing UFO Descends Onto Leeds, UK Countryside (VIDEO)

WATCH: Glowing UFO Descends

A bright unidentified object was videotaped on Sunday as it appeared to descend above the countryside of Leeds, U.K.

The object gave off a very bright light as it slowly approached treetops. According to the YouTube description, credited to someone identified as Blip Street, "It was small and far away but looked just like the video. I thought it was a hot air balloon for a moment cos (sic) it was high and not moving."

The witness apparently went to retrieve a video recorder and continued: "When I came back with the camera, it got lower. I expected my camera to show it in focus, but it was just a light. My camera is pretty good and so I was surprised it didn't pick up on what the object was."

Here's the Leeds, UK, UFO video in question.

Commenters began chiming in with their own explanations, including the following from

Anonymous wrote: "Aircraft lights."

Another Anonymous: "Bit big for aircraft lights. Whatever it was, you would think that others saw it too, or was it easily identifiable?"

A third Anonymous wondered: "A sunset on a very hazy day?"

Luis From Argentina wrote: "Is there an airport near of the place? If it's yes, well, so I believe that's a plane just to land."

As it turns out, there is an airport -- Leeds Bradford International Airport -- just 10 miles northwest of the city of Leeds.

Could this little fact be part of the explanation for this particular UFO?

"The lights are predominantly an orange-yellow color. The landing lights on an aircraft are bright enough to be visible 90 miles from the airport when it's on approach," said Marc Dantonio, chief photo/video analyst for the Mutual UFO Network.

"These lights are consistent with the color at a distance of landing lights from an aircraft as seen from perhaps 8 to 15 miles distance. The brightness is also consistent with lights at that distance," according to Dantonio, in an email to The Huffington Post.

The video expert -- who works on projects contracted to him by Congress, the U.S. Navy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington and various television channels -- watched closely at how the reported Leeds UFO lights were arranged.

"The light object is predominantly spread in a horizontal pattern, and there appears to be more than one light which appear to blend together to form one long mass of light. But during the video, you can see glimpses of clarity where more than one light is indicated. This is consistent with landing lights on the wings of an aircraft."

Dantonio also emphasizes how, in many cases, UFOs that appear to descend, are not really doing that.

"It actually was approaching from a distance. The foreshortened distance caused the apparent vertical descent illusion. Based on that assessment, the object wasn't hovering but was clearly in motion. I believe it was on a long, gradual descent vector. This is also consistent with aircraft on approach."

So, what we most likely have here is an object that was temporarily unidentified, until expert eyes helped move it into the status of identified.

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