A Sheriff Department’s Attempt To Describe This Boulder Goes Delightfully Awry

Meet the Internet's newest rock star.

It’s a large boulder that also happens to be a small one. 

The San Miguel Sheriff’s Office in Colorado sent a tweet on Monday that was meant to alert motorists about a boulder in the road. But the message went viral far beyond the state because, well... just take a look at how the department described it:   

Twitter users immediately began to question how the large boulder could be the size of a small one. The sheriff’s office never acknowledged the boulder brouhaha even though it tweeted about the massive stone twice more. 

First, the agency noted that the boulder had been removed, which led to more pleas to clarify its size. Later on ― no doubt in response to a landslide of requests ― the description became more specific. 

The boulder that fell onto Highway 145 at Silverpick Rd outside Telluride was approximately 4ftx4ftx4ft (64 cubic ft) and weighed about 10,000lbs,” the agency wrote.

Alas, that still didn’t settle the question about whether it was, in fact, a large boulder or a small one. Rock fans demanded to know more about this large-small boulder. Or was it a small-large boulder?