Large Snakes Found In New York City's Columbus Circle Fountain (PHOTO)

New Yorkers are tired of these (censored) snakes in their (censored) city! Everyone just got over the trauma of a cobra escaping the Bronx Zoo (and tweeting,) and now Reddit user GreyscaleCheese has posted photo evidence of two huge snakes having the time of their lives in the Columbus Circle fountain. Why, New York, why?!

While the cobra was eventually caught and returned to the Bronx Zoo, no word yet on the fate of these scaly swimmers. Though by the looks of one photo obtained by the Daily Mail, onlookers may have attempted to remove them.

It could be worse though, remember that 10-foot-long python that NYCHA employees found in the sink of a Brooklyn apartment? Ahhh!

"I came out [of the bathroom] and closed the door and I got a broom. The snake was getting up on top of the rim, ready to strike," Allen Shepard told SI Live.

Clearly you can't go to the bathroom, use a sink, or visit a fountain in New York anymore. The snakes are taking over.

If anyone knows where this snake came from, please let us know, and we'll update.