Largest Free-Flying American Flag Torn To Shreds By Storm

The 70-by-140-foot flag usually flies from a 400-foot flagpole in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

A massive American flag ― reputedly the largest of its kind ― was torn to shreds by a storm in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on Tuesday:

Acuity Insurance, which owns the flag, said the 400-foot pole is 100 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty and the 340-pound flag that flies from it measures 70-by-140 feet, making it the largest free-flying American flag in the world

Fox6 News in Milwaukee said the flag was battered by 60 to 70 mph winds:

Acuity said it removed the tattered flag and has others ready to replace it.

“We are very proud to host the largest symbol of freedom, as well as a veterans memorial,” Acuity said in a statement on social media.

With the nation rocked by more than a week of protests and civil unrest in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic that’s claimed more than 100,000 American lives, many saw symbolism in the battered image of Old Glory:

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