Largest Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition To Open In Paris

Largest Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition To Open In Paris

The largest Yves Saint Laurent exhibition, containing 300 outfits spanning the designer's 40-year career, is set to open in Paris on March 11, WWD reports. This comes after the release of a series of YSL-themed biographies and the announcement of an upcoming musical.

When asked what YSL would make of the growing interest in his work, his partner Pierre Bergé said the designer would have been very proud:

"I think he would have had the proof that he was right and that he would continue to exist even after his death, because that is what happens when an artist, a real artist, dies. He lives on after his death. You know, it's like those stars that have died, but continue to shine in the sky."

Bergé talked to WWD about his relationship with YSL, explaining, "The two of us formed a puzzle and we were made of pieces that fit together very precisely. The money, the business, the licenses, the store openings, all of that would not have been possible without me. But you can't operate the world's biggest and most beautiful airplane if you don't have fuel and a pilot who can fly that plane. And the only pilot who knew how to fly that plane was Yves Saint Laurent."

Bergé also discussed today's fashion:

"What I'm saying is that fashion that purports to dress women in outfits inspired by the 18th century or force them to wear ridiculous dresses is worthless," he said. "In that case, I prefer brands like Zara, H&M and Banana Republic."

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