Tomato Looks Like Larry Bird Because The World Needs This Right Now

The former Boston Celtics star trended on Twitter because the internet rightly determined he has a tomato doppelganger.

One day you’re Basketball Hall of Famer Larry Bird. The next you’re a pot away from becoming marinara sauce.

The former Boston Celtics great trended on Twitter over the weekend for his resemblance to a tomato. Or rather, for the tomato’s resemblance to him.

It seemed to start with someone posting a photo of a tomato with a human-like face. But Twitter users like ex-NBA center Etan Thomas imagined they saw something more specific.

“Am I trippin? Or does this tomato look like Larry Bird?” Thomas asked on Sunday.

Score one for Thomas, who played after Bird’s 1980s heyday in which “The Hick From French Lick” won three NBA titles and built a rivalry with the Lakers’ Magic Johnson.

Maybe it’s time to change one of Bird’s other nicknames from Larry Legend to Larry Heirloom.

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