Larry Chandler, Indiana Electrician Facing Foreclosure, Wins $1 Million In Powerball Lottery

Larry Chandler of Highland, Ind., didn't grab the monster prize in Wednesday's record Powerball lottery drawing, but he's feeling thankful just the same.

Chandler won $1 million of the massive jackpot, NBC Chicago reports. He didn't waste any time in claiming the money, either. He showed up first thing Thursday with his ticket at lottery headquarters in Indianapolis.

Before the win, Chandler was facing foreclosure on his home. Now, the electrician plans to start a college fund for his daughter, give some money to his mom and dine with his girlfriend at Red Lobster, the station said.

"The fact that his first thoughts were to take care of his mother, his daughter and his girlfriend just makes you feel happy for him," Hoosier Lottery spokesman Al Larsen told The Huffington Post.

Although the biggest winners of the $588 million jackpot bought their tickets in Missouri and Arizona, Indiana boasted another feel-good recipient of the Powerball's largesse. Another $1 million winner, Pat Wilkerson of Bruceville, Ind., decided to split her good fortune with her daughter, Michelle Cummins, and her son, Sean Wilkerson, both of Vincennes. All three will receive $333,333 before taxes.

"I always knew if I won anything big I would split it with my two children," Wilkerson said in a news release. "That's just a given."

Meanwhile, the nation waits for the the lucky ticket-holders who matched all six numbers to reveal themselves.

The Powerball lottery, played in 42 states, Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands, was so popular this week that tickets sold out in many locations.

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