Larry David's Daughter Does The Best Larry David Impression

There's no mistaking where she got that look from.

This Larry David face is gold, Jerry! Gold!

Cazzie David, one of the "Seinfeld" creator's two daughters, was apparently recently touring Civil War battlefields with her dad, and, well, this photo pretty much says it all:

He's making us tour every civil war battlefield

A photo posted by Cazzie David (@cazziedavid) on

Serenity now, Cazzie. Serenity now.

By the grandiose pose David takes, it's pretty clear it's all in fun, but there's no mistaking where Cazzie learned to nail that unimpressed look.

It's cool, though. Here's good ol' dad fixing it.

A really forced smile.

A photo posted by Cazzie David (@cazziedavid) on

It must be true what they say: The apple doesn't fall far from the Larry David.

A photo posted by Cazzie David (@cazziedavid) on

H/T Uproxx

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