Larry David Returns To SNL As Bernie Sanders

"What the hell is this tonight?"

Larry David made another surprise appearance on "Saturday Night Live" when he joined Cecily Strong -- playing Rachel Maddow -- in the show's reenactment of this week's South Carolina Democratic Forum. He reprised his role as Bernie Sanders, pouted lips in tow, asking "What the hell is this tonight?" and telling Maddow that he hates her and everyone else.

Later, playing himself and not Sanders, he joined Donald Trump during his opening monologue as this week's host, shouting "Trump is a racist!" When asked why he was interrupting Trump, he replied, "I heard if I yelled that they'd give me $5,000." The response was a reference to advocacy group Deport Racism PAC's promise to reward any audience member the money for yelling "Trump is a racist" during the live broadcast.