Larry David Mocks Richard Lewis With A Sick 1-Liner In New ‘Curb’ Teaser

"He’s the only person in the world I could say that line to," the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star told Jimmy Kimmel.

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” returns to HBO for its 11th season on Oct. 24 and a teaser shows there’s little that’s off-limits between creator Larry David and longtime friend Richard Lewis.

“When are you going to die?” David taunts Lewis in the scene previewed by late night host Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday. Both actors play fictionalized versions of themselves in the comedy.

The barb takes on additional significance, with Lewis’ health issues and surgeries in recent years that almost prevented him from participating in the new series. As it is, Lewis reportedly appears in only one episode.

David explained the dig to Kimmel, saying Lewis is “the only person in the world I could say that line to.”

“Our friendship is so strong and it goes back so far that I could say … anything I want to him and vice versa,” he added.

David also revealed the story behind that viral New York Fashion Week photograph of himself plugging his ears, and how he turned up at Kimmel’s house for food on the wrong day.

Watch the interview here:

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