Larry David's Daughter Cazzie's New Web Series Is Like 'Curb' For Millennials

Pretttttttty, pretttttttttty, pretttttty good.

We’re all undeniably lucky for Larry David’s existence. If it wasn’t for the irritable genius, we wouldn’t have “Seinfeld” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and frankly, we wouldn’t want to live in that world.

What some may not realize, though, is that there’s another David family member out there that’s also funny and unenthused: LD’s 23-year-old daughter Cazzie.

When she’s not touring historical Civil War sites with her pops, she’s busy writing and starring in “Eighty-Sixed,” a new web series that explores the intricacies of love and breakups in the social media age.

Relatable post-breakup things she does in the first episode, which you can watch above:

- Google the important questions ― like “how is Demi Moore doing post-Ashton Kutcher?”

- Shrug off the sage her friends bring over to clear the air of her toxic ex.

- Hate on another friend for tagging her in an inspirational breakup quote on Facebook (that’s literally the worst thing a “friend” can do after a breakup)

Watch the first episode above, and watch all four episodes on YouTube.

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