Larry Duncan And Randell Shepherd, Gay 'Bearded Love' Icons, Marry In Seattle Church (PHOTO)

Bearded Couple From 'Greatest Marriage Equality Photo' Don Suits For Equally Awesome Church Wedding

Larry Duncan and Randell Shepherd never expected to become Internet celebrities, but when a photo of the two bearded men wearing matching plaid was posted to Reddit last week, they became the latest, greatest image of what marriage equality can look like.

Duncan, a retired psychiatric nurse, and Shepherd, a computer programmer, had been together for 11 years when they raised their hands in tandem to obtain the 72nd marriage license handed out to gay couples in the state of Washington, according to NBC News.

Now, pictures of the couple's wedding ceremony have been released.

Swapping out their camouflage caps and plaid shirts for snazzy suits (they kept the beards of course), the two were married at 2 p.m. Sunday at Seattle First Baptist Church in a group ceremony with 24 other couples, according to photographer Meryl Schenker.

While the two are not particularly religious, Duncan told NBC that having a ceremony -- in a church, nonetheless -- would hold a special significance.

“Enough people have told me, ‘God hates fags,’” Duncan said. “I want someone in a church to say, ‘God loves fags,’ to have that stamp on it.”

larry duncan randell shepherd married
Randell Shepherd, 48, left, and Larry Duncan, 56, right, from North Bend, Wash., arrive at the Seattle First Baptist Church to be married in a group ceremony with 24 other couples. (Photo by Meryl Schenker)

Another photographer caught the couple smooching. Check out the picture below:
larry duncan randy shepherd kiss
Larry Duncan and Randy Shepherd (far right) kiss at the end of a mass wedding for 25 couples at Seattle First Baptist Church on Dec. 9 in Seattle, Wash. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

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