Larry Evans Used To Weigh 800 Pounds; Now He's A Workout Inspiration To Us All

How's this for a transformation?

A man who says he once weighed 800 pounds has become an unlikely fitness motivator on social media.

One clip of Evans bench-pressing at a local gym has attracted more than 19 million views, and his page had more than 56,000 followers as of Thursday.

"My work out day 140 part 2! Please don't judge me. If you don't have nothing to say nice keep it to yourself. Get up get out and do something," he wrote in a post accompanying the video.

While thousands laud the man for his effort, many also note that his determination has rubbed off on them.

"WOW...I'm encouraged," one Facebook user wrote of Evans' workouts.

"Way to go Larry! Keep going. You have motivated our entire family," said another.

Evans had dropped to 641 pounds four months ago, according to his GoFundMe Page, which he set up to subsidize his new, healthier lifestyle. He wrote that he was unemployed at the time of setting up the fund.

"My weight loss journey is my #1 goal in life right now," he wrote. "I know that your health is your wealth and until I get my weight down I can't work. I really need your help."

But Evans notes he isn't going overboard, having been told by his doctor that "I don't need to lose the weight extremely fast because it will come back."

One Facebook fan paid Evans the ultimate compliment Thursday, saying that even the chiseled folks who play sports for a living have nothing on this guy.

"I think you're more heroic than professional athletes," the commenter wrote. "What a positive example you are setting for so many people who think weight-loss is impossible. God bless, and keep up the amazing work."

We second that.

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