Why I Asked Casey Anthony to Pose for Hustler

A lot of people are upset about my offer to Casey Anthony to pose in Hustler Magazine. I can understand being upset by the verdict but it doesn't give anyone the right to dismantle the whole justice system. I've said publicly that I agree with the verdict, but she may very well be complicit in the death her daughter. I know that there is a two-year-old child gone and if any of us could bring her back we would. But we can't.

The whole Casey Anthony affair is a morbid phenomenon. The only thing I can equate it to is the interest of others who marry people in prison with no chance of conjugal visits or freedom. Richard Ramirez, the famed Night Stalker, received more marriage proposals than any other prisoner in history.

I did not make my offer to her in a vacuum. The media has spent the past three years making Casey Anthony into a media star. They've breathlessly covered every aspect of the case from the day they learned that little girl was missing. Now that she is out of jail, the media continues to devote hours of programming to even the tiniest bit of information about what she may or may not be doing. Without that, no one would even know who she is.