Larry Hagman: 'Dallas,' 'I Dream Of Jeannie' And More Of The Late Actor's Best TV Roles (VIDEO)

The Best Of Larry Hagman

The late Larry Hagman was best known for his role on "Dallas" -- and for wearing TV's most legendary cowboy hat -- but Hagman was all over the small screen long before the world wondered, "Who shot J.R.?"

Hagman, who died Friday after suffering from cancer, was in the middle of shooting the second season of the "Dallas" reboot on TNT when he passed away.

His cancer almost set back the 2012 incarnation, but Hagman said he wouldn't let that happen. Before its premiere, Hagman told The Huffington Post he was thrilled to be back as the ruthless J.R. Ewing. "Playing a villain is like a license to steal."

In honor of Hagman and his 55-year TV career, take a look through the slideshow below to see him as the master on "I Dream Of Jeannie," to watch him play Jessica Walter's (a.k.a. Lucille Bluth) on-air husband and to find out which "Real Housewife" once played his stepdaughter.

Larry Hagman's Best TV Roles

CORRECTION: This post has been revised to accurately state that "Knots Landing" was a spinoff of "Dallas."

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