'Belly Rub' The Cat Shot By Neighbor Out Of Fear Of Fleas: Cops

A Georgia man is accused of killing his neighbor’s cat because he thought the feline was walking onto his lawn to give his dog fleas.

Larry Jefferson Rooks, of Dacula, is charged with animal cruelty, Fox 5 reports. Rooks allegedly shot the cat with .22 rifle at around 10 a.m. Friday, according to a police report obtained by Dacula Patch.

The report states he later told police, “I knew I was not going to miss my shot because that rifle is pretty accurate.”

The cat, named “Belly Rub,” was about 60 yards away from Rooks when he fired the gun, according to WSB Radio.

”The man had no right to do what he did,” the cat’s owner, 70-year-old Lavern Wallace, told the station. Wallace added, “You don’t kill things like that; God will get you.”

Wallace's sister, Marie Nichols, was equally appalled.

“If he'll do that to that cat, what do you think he'll do to me?” Nichols told WSB-TV.

Rooks, 74, is out of jail on bond.