Larry King: Brian Williams Has 'Thrown Himself Under The Bus,' Move To CNN Is 'A Possibility'

Broadcast veteran Larry King gave strong predictions to HuffPost Live on Tuesday about the potential career outcomes of ousted "NBC Nightly News" anchor and managing editor Brian Williams.

While King emphasized to host Jordan Schultz that he likes Williams "personally," King said Williams -- who is currently on a six-month suspension from the network -- has "thrown himself under the bus" by lying multiple times about his helicopter coming under fire in Iraq in 2003. Williams' subsequent apology saying he "misremembered" his facts has also become the subject of harsh scrutiny.

But King doesn't think Williams' career is completely over.

"He'll wind up somewhere, but I don't think he can anchor at NBC," King said. "The problem he would have is trust, and that's all the public has to deal with in television."

King also responded to rumors from a recent Vanity Fair story that CNN president Jeff Zucker may want Williams to fill the network's hole left behind by King himself.

"I guess he could host a talk show. He's a great personality. The question also there would deal with trust, but Jeff Zucker knows him, he worked for Jeff when Jeff ran NBC. I think that's a possibility. I wouldn't discount it," King said.

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