Larry King Reveals His Biggest Regret: 'The Day I Lit Up' (VIDEO)

News legend Larry King joined HuffPost Live on Wednesday to talk about his departure from CNN after 25 years as the host of Larry King Live, and the current state of cable news. During the interview, King shared his biggest personal regret.

"If I could change one day in my life, it was the day I started smoking," he told host Marc Lamont Hill. "I smoked for a lot of years, had a heart attack 25 years ago, paid a price for that.

King, who now hosts Larry King Now and RT America, said that he knew when his time at CNN was coming to an end. "Colin Powell called me and said, 'you know, when the train comes to the last stop, get off.' So I got off, and it was mixed feelings. You do something that long, you want to try other things. I thought I'd try retirement, that didn't work. But I miss it when there's big stories."

King also discussed today's cable news scene. "I want a broad perspective, I want to watch everything," he said. "To me, if you're focused in only one area, if you're so locked in that your position is knee-jerk -- hey, everybody should be open to new things."

"After awhile, it's hard to watch either [MSNBC or Fox News], because I know what's coming." He added, joking, "Fox News didn't like the State of the Union. New York Post didn't like that speech. But MSNBC kind of thought it progressive. And CNN didn't know what to think."

King revealed his favorite guests over the years (Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Frank Sinatra and Malcolm X) and his favorite TV show (Sponge Bob Square Pants).

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