Larry King Blasts 'Tabloid Fodder' Surrounding Joan Rivers' Death

Larry King and Dick Cavett are not happy about the coverage surrounding the investigation into the New York City clinic where Joan Rivers had the operation that ultimately led to her death.

King and Cavett joined HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill on Friday to remember Rivers, who passed away Sept. 4.

"What's bothering me about this whole thing, aside from the disbelief that I'll never talk to her again, is what are they likely to find in the examination of the clinic? Malpractice? What can that mean?" Cavett said.

King agreed and expressed his displeasure with the way cable news shows are covering the health issues that contributed to Rivers' death.

"It's tabloid fodder," King said. "What I don't like ... is all this conjecture on the cable networks. Everybody is a doctor, and everybody's made assumptions already. Let her rest."

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