'Larry King Now' Premieres On Hulu (VIDEO)

Larry King's new show has come to a computer screen near you.

The former CNN host has taken his new half-hour interview show, "Larry King Now" to Hulu and Hulu Plus. Just one month after King officially split from CNN earlier this year, he signed on with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's Internet TV network,

The first episode of the show, an interview with "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane, was made immediately available on Hulu in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

King's new show will be available Monday - Thursday evenings. King will do what he does best -- conduct in depth interviews with newsmakers of the day. Besides MacFarlane, The Hollywood Reporter said early guests include Matthew McConaughey and Meghan McCain.

King ended his 25-year-role as the host of prime time interview show "Larry King Live" in December 2010. After King ended his show, CNN said the famed interviewer would conduct four specials per year for the network. While King hosted shows on topics ranging from Alzheimer's to an exclusive interview with Johnny Depp, King and CNN decided to cease production on the specials in February 2012.

King was replaced by British media personality Piers Morgan and his new show "Piers Morgan Tonight," which debuted in January 2011. CNN has experienced record low ratings this year, hitting a 20-year prime time low in May.



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