Larry King On Piers Morgan: 'I Don't Know If I'd Recognize Him'

Larry King has made it known that he's not very familiar with Piers Morgan, his widely reported replacement.

Speaking to, King, who will be ending his 25-year run on CNN in the fall, said that, although he's had Morgan -- a veteran British journalist and broadcaster who is also a judge on "America's Got Talent" -- on his show a couple of times, he knows virtually nothing about him:

Most Americans wouldn't [know Morgan] unless you watch 'America's Got Talent.' And if you watch that, you only know him as a judge. You don't know him as a host...other than being a guest on my show, I've never watched 'America's Got Talent' and I don't know if I'd recognize him if he was walking down the street.

King has made no secret of the fact that his favorite successor would be "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest. In the Forbes interview, he had high praise for Seacrest:

The camera likes him and he's a great generalist. I don't know if he has a great interest in politics -- I haven't talked to him about that. But if he does, I'd pick him in a minute because an accepted major personality can move right in.

Even so, all signs point to a deal with Morgan. In the past few days, numerous outlets have reported that he will sign with CNN for at least three years for around $8M per year.