Larry Moss And Kelly Cheatle's Airigami: Balloon Interpretations Of Classic Masterpieces (PHOTOS)

Balloon Interpretations Of Masterpieces

What do you get when you mix sculpture, puppetry and origami? Rochester, New York duo Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle have developed 'Airigami,' the not-so-ancient art of folding balloons. Their process combines different styles and forms to create balloon creations you would be hard-pressed to find at a birthday party.

But don't think their creations will be your average poodle and sword balloon animals; these Airigami masters are taking on the classics. From Leonardo to Warhol, see some of the most iconic masterpieces lighten up a bit. Is Mona Lisa's smile still as mysterious? Is Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" still so coy? We think not. However, these Airigami masterpieces might give Jeff Koons a run for his money.


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