Larry Nassar Victims To Receive $500 Million In Michigan State Settlement

In the event of future lawsuits, $75 million will be set aside.

The victims of Larry Nassar ― the convicted sexual abuser of U.S. gymnasts who will spend the rest of his life in prison ― settled hundreds of lawsuits against Michigan State University on Wednesday.

The victims ― with more than 300 of them identified ― will receive portions of a $500 million settlement, The Lansing State Journal reported.

“Michigan State has shown leadership by its willingness to begin closing this dark chapter,” Jamie White, one of the attorneys suing MSU, told the publication. “The victims of Nassar can never be made whole but this is a step in the right direction.”

Nassar, 54, pleaded guilty to sex crimes on Nov. 22, admitting that he sexually assaulted young girls under the guise of medical treatment when he was a doctor.

“I’ve just signed your death warrant,” Michigan Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina told Nassar during his January sentencing of 40 to 175 years in prison.

Lawsuits against MSU and USA Gymnastics claimed the institutions failed to protect Nassar’s victims from his abuse. USA Gymnastics has filed motions to dismiss the suits against it and denied those allegations.

“This historic settlement came about through the bravery of more than 300 women and girls who had the courage to stand up and refuse to be silenced,” John Manly, an attorney representing many of the victims, told the State Journal. “It is the sincere hope of all of the survivors that the legacy of this settlement will be far reaching institutional reform that will end the threat of sexual assault in sports, schools and throughout our society.”

Part of the settlement includes setting aside $75 million in the event of future lawsuits regarding Nassar’s abuse.

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