Larry Sanders' Tattoo Says 'Recieve' (PHOTO)

Too bad skin doesn't come with spell-check.

Larry Sanders of the Milwaukee Bucks celebrated his $44 million contract extension with a tattoo on his right hand that reads, "Ask." So far, so good. But the complementary tattoo on his left reads, "Recieve."

Sanders published a picture of the tattoo on Instagram, prompting one commenter to snipe: "my 5 yr old can spell better than u lol."

However, Sanders seemed to rebound from his gaffe. In a later photo showing him in front of a giant house, he wrote: "Ain't worried bout nuthin."

Well, he certainly isn't worried about "'i' before 'e' except after 'c.'"

A few publications took the opportunity to reference a similar slip-up: Kevin Durant's misspelling of "mature" on his back piece. Durant was apparently able to correct the flub, but one Instagram user who said he did tattoos wrote Sanders, "that coverup won't be a simple line and shade fix."

We're pretty sure, however, he can now afford whatever procedure is necessary.