Larry Spurling Of Nebraska Allegedly Attacks Wife With Sandwich, Gets Jail Time

He's No Hero: Nebraska Man Allegedly Attacks Wife With Sandwich
ham salad sandwich with seeded...
ham salad sandwich with seeded...

A 50-year-old Nebraska man has been accused of attacking his wife with a sandwich, the Associated Press reports.

Larry Spurling of Melbeta, Neb., was arrested late Sunday for disturbing the peace after he allegedly pushed his wife down and "rubbed a sandwich in her face."

The woman told deputies that Spurling had become irate for "making him live in the county" and "being bored since there is no place for him to walk."

She said that the argument went on for some time, during which Spurling drank three 24-oz cans of Natty Daddy, a malt liquor with 8 percent alcohol content.

The woman told deputies that she "got tired" of the argument and made herself a sandwich and went to a bedroom.

According to the arrest affidavit, Spurling followed his wife, pushed her onto the bed and assaulted her with the sandwich.

The Scottsbluff Star-Herald notes that while court documents don't detail the ingredients of the sandwich, a deputy "found several pieces of lunchmeat on the carpet outside of the Spurling’s bedroom and some pieces of sandwich bread inside the bedroom."

Spurling's wife allegedly also got mayonnaise on her face and shirt, as well as in her hair.

By the time deputies arrived, Spurling had reportedly left the scene. He was found "lying face down on grass about 10 feet" from the home.

Spurling, who appeared in Scotts Bluff County Court on Monday, pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace in connection with the incident and was sentenced to five days in jail.

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