Larry Wilmore Lets Outed Valedictorian Give Speech Banned By His School

Outed Valedictorian Gives Banned Speech On 'Nightly Show'

This kid had some zingers!

On Thursday, Larry Wilmore brought 18-year-old Evan Young onto "The Nightly Show" and allowed the Colorado teen to give the commencement speech his school banned him from giving. The reason? In the planned speech, Young comes out to his classmates, his faculty, and most importantly, to his parents.

Dun dun DUN!

Oh, wait ... is that really the reason? We thought the speech was banned for something, you know ... offensive?

The school's administrators not only banned the speech and refused to recognize Young as the valedictorian, but they also called Young's parents and (maybe) inadvertently outed the teen.

For that, administrators at Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School in Longmont, Colorado, you are officially our ... "BADMINISTRATORS OF THE WEEK."

Congratulations! Your prize is knowing that somewhere down the road, this intelligent young man will climb to a position in society that outranks your own. We hope you've kept your resumes updated.

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