LA's Chinatown Art Scene Springs Fresh and Forward

This season, Culver City may wear the tiara of the international art world, but if you want romance, golden lanterns and a nibble on your earlobe, I'd rather be in Chinatown.

As in every art community, there are cycles of change. The tectonic plates below Chinatown, those had been shifting and heaving, have now come to rest. Chinatown enters a new and exciting epoch.

Having to make way for a new photo gallery, Charlie James has moved several doors away into a lavish, three-story space. Coagula Curatorial, springing from the dangerous mind of Mat Gleason, is the new kid on the block. The foundation of Chinatown remains grounded by the eternal Tom Solomon. The Jancar Gallery continues to provoke and Sabina Lee always enchants. A newer edge has survived our whimsical economy. LeBasse Projects, the Pepin Moore Gallery and Anat Ebgi with her Company are now firmly ensconced.

Culver City can be less than charming. In Chinatown, the experience is always sublime. Let's go!

GORDY GRUNDY is a Los Angeles based artist. His visual and literary work can be found at


LA's Chinatown Springs Fresh and Forward