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LA's Obsession with Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs have such a consistent, all-American appeal and a truly retro nature.
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by Bun Boy Eats LA, LA City Guide for the Menuism Blog
photos by Bun Boy Eats LA

If you're like me, you've noticed deviled eggs on every LA restaurant menu. But, if you're like me, you've also ordered them every single time.

It's okay. Don't feel guilty ordering them. Deviled eggs have such a consistent, all-American appeal and a truly retro nature. This is what bored '50s housewives would snack on to soak up their two-martini lunches. Years later, we still can't get enough of these vintage delights.

I was telling my friend who lives in Washington about this article, and she retorted, "I never see deviled eggs on any menus here!" Well, Southern California's oldest buildings are from the 1950s, not the 1850s, so I think we're just more in tune with our mid-century modern past. Deviled eggs are what we were snacking on when our sunny state hit puberty. After a long day's surfin' safari, what else would hit the spot?

Having tried every deviled egg I can get my grubby paws on, here are some of my favorites:

While there are other deviled eggs in LA that incorporate seafood, Jar’s upscale take is the more impressive version. The sweetness of the crab adds to the flavor, but doesn't overpower. At $10, these eggs also the most expensive on this list.
The Flores egg with crispy pig ear and green olive is unique and totally works. Deviled eggs are one of the few foods I don't believe needs any texture, but the pig's ear adds a nice crisp. I just wish they were larger.
Public School 310
I’ve had the spicy deviled eggs at the downtown location, but find the Culver City ones are much better. The eggs are totally delicious and packed with flavor from the crispy speck, but I also wish they were bigger, so don’t plan on sharing.
Del Frisco Grille
Yes, Santa Monica’s Del Frisco Grille is a chain, but it's chain food at its greatest. The truffled deviled eggs have some gratuitous, filled-to-the-brim yokey goodness. The truffle does not overpower, it only empowers (me to eat more).
The Local Peasant
I headed to the Valley to try these Bacon and Eggs which were, like, totally awesome. Loved the chunk of candied bacon on top. Simple, effective, and highly caloric.
Next Door by Josie
Next Door by Josie is an unassuming lunch spot that does a killer version of deviled eggs. Topped with duck cracklins and pickled beets, these were both inventive and ample. A nice combo of flavors.
Clementine's eggs are heavy on the mayo, but the chives and red onions cut through the creaminess nicely. These are a constant staple in the deli case, as one obsessed friend can attest. One week, she ordered them for lunch every single day.

LA's Obsession with Deviled Eggs originally published on the Menuism LA Restaurants Blog.

Bun Boy Eats LA has been obsessed with the LA restaurant scene since he moved there 12 years ago. He visits about 4 restaurants a week, mostly never repeating any. Even in these wavering economic times, he absolutely refuses to give up one of his favorite pastimes.