Las Vegas: An LGBT Town If There Ever Was One


Photo courtesy of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Cher impersonators. Pool parties. Feather boas. This is Vegas on a normal day.

This weekend, Sin City will get even flashier, sparklier and wilder. PRIDE can do that to a town.

If you're on your way to or already in Las Vegas for the celebration, I'm sure you're giddy. It's sure to be a great time, thanks to a lineup that includes the annual PRIDE Night Parade and PRIDE Festival, plus special add-ons such as Gay Days and Fabulous.

To those who, like me, are otherwise engaged this weekend (dog sitting), fear not. You can take a gay-filled trip to the Strip anytime.

Here are some tips to get your Las Vegas gay getaway planning started.

Drink & Drag: Located downtown, Drink & Drag bowling alley scores with drinks, dancing and drag queen servers. And bowling, of course. Other entertainment ranges from board games to weekly events, such as the Hawaiian-inspired Lei'd Back Thursdays and Sunday's amateur drag night, when the pros dress up people in the crowd.

Absinthe: True story: Last time I was in Vegas, a bouncer said to me, "Are you easily offended, and do you like Cirque?" If your answers match mine, hit the very raunchy, very funny Absinthe. Enough said, I think.

Share Nightclub: This one is off the Strip in a somewhat discreet location. You'll hear mostly Top 40 music, and the dance floor is a bit small. But wait, it's worth it! Just before midnight, the party gets crowded and rowdy. Watch out for the flailing muscles. They can poke an eye out.

Krave Massive: What claims to be the world's largest gay nightclub can be found in Vegas. The party usually starts late, so try to work in a nap somewhere between the casino floor, the pool, the spa, pre-dinner drinks and dinner.

Tacos El Gordo: Yes, I'm serious. This is your late-night spot. You'll thank me and Mexico later. It's on the Strip, but not near the busy middle section. Also, it's pretty inexpensive, something you'll be craving after ordering a few Vegas-priced cocktails. Don't trust me? Just look at the Yelp reviews.

Nobu: If you're too good for cheap tacos, head to this high-end restaurant in Caesars Palace. Even though I enjoy livin' la vida loca at Tacos El Gordo, I do love me some Nobu earlier in the night. Yes, your friend who knows everything about Vegas may tell you it's cliché, but it's a must for a reason. And that reason is shishito peppers with miso.

Coming soon: Pour one out for the Fremont Street Zipline, which made me laugh, scream, and pee a little. It's now closed, but I take solace in the fact that a larger experience called Slotzilla is in the works. No opening date is set, but I can't wait to glide down glittery Fremont Street again soon.


Mike and Jim from Fagabond enjoying the harnesses on Fremont Street Zipline

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