Democratic Debate Takes Las Vegas Tourists By Surprise

What debate?

LAS VEGAS -- The political world has been talking nonstop about the first Democratic primary debate Tuesday night, but here in Sin City, it's barely registering.

The Huffington Post talked to a handful of tourists in the Wynn Las Vegas hotel, where the debate is taking place. Many of them had no idea there was a political event going on until they saw the giant sign outside the building. 

"I'm scared," one woman said when asked what she thought of the debate happening at the hotel where she's staying.

"I'm afraid we're going to be frisked a lot," her friend added. 

Even those who knew the debate was happening had never heard of the participating candidates, other than front-runner Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). But there was one man everyone seemed to know, whether or not they liked him: GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose hotel, the Trump International, is just a short walk from the Wynn.

Watch tourists' reactions to the Democratic debate, above. 

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