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Las Vegas: The Secrets Behind the Curtains

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There is no place on the planet with such a nimiety of magic. Every stage, every song, every bite and brew, every light is so sufficiently perfected as to be indistinguishable from sorcery.

So, what goes on behind the curtains here? How do they do it?

I decided to find out, and probe under the hood of the greatest attractions, restaurants, hotel suites, shows, and nightlife in the city.

First I venture around the glass and sparkle to the secrets of some of the most dazzling attractions: The Bellagio Fountains; the Shark Reef Aquarium; the Bellagio Conservatory; and the Mirage Dolphin Habitat. Look at what I found:

Next I find my way to the five most luxurious suites in the city of Las Vegas. These are havens of extravagance, palaces of indulgence, pillows of bliss. These suites dazzle the senses and cast out the stress; so lavish and complete they make kingdoms seem trifling. Nothing is immoderate; everything is faultless.

You can dream of soothing in these sanctuaries, but they are, with exceptions, by invitation only. These elite estates, secreted within five well-known hotels, are the upper limits of luxury.

Do you, as I do, delight in fine cuisine from far-away places? Well, you can always travel to Europe or Asia or the Middle East, and fight off the jetlag as you dig into a local meal.

Or, you can come here. There are no kitchens in the world that offer up so much exceptional food, created by so many award-winning chefs, representing so many international cuisines, in so few city blocks, than here in Las Vegas.

So, I put my passport away, and pull up a chair, open the napkin, sip the paired wine, and savor the epicurean latitudes and longitudes of the globe, without customs and immigration, without translation. There is but one language here....the prose and poetry of amazing food (including the $5000 burger!)

And what about the entertainment? No pleasure is so lasting, so conducive to joy, than great entertainment, and this is the town to ride that torrent of jaw-dropping delights.

When it comes to Entertainment, nothing beats Las Vegas.

The variety and scope nourish every soul, widen every eye, tap every foot, and stretch smiles on every face, and provoke every nerve.

There is brilliant, unsurpassed entertainment for the music lover, for fantasy seekers, for adults, for when you need a laugh, for magic and enchantment, for whimsical escapes.

The entertainment here is big, bold, telekinetic, indulgent and gratifying. It thrills people of all ages, casts its spells on people from everywhere in the world.

This, my friend, is the pulsing heart, the center of the universe, for Entertainment!

And finally, it's time for the legendary Nightlife. No one looks back on life and remembers the nights he got plenty of sleep. This is the venue for nights to remember; experiences to burn into personal biography; for fun so thick you can pick it up in handfuls and throw it around like fireballs. The nights here are so awesome Morgan Freeman should narrate. When I first read about the evils of nightlife here, I gave up reading. Take a look; then take the hook....this is crazy! This is the place to party.