PASTAMONIUM! Train Crash Leads To Lasagna Disaster

PASTAMONIUM! Train Crash Leads To Lasagna Disaster

This is the worst frozen lasagna disaster to ever hit America (probably).

Last Wednesday, two men in a tractor-trailer carrying a payload of lasagna got stuck on train tracks in Gaffney, South Carolina, the Gaffney Ledger reported.

As the driver of the truck attempted to drive off the tracks, he and his partner noticed a train barreling towards them.

"[The head driver] looked up and here comes a train," Police Chief Rick Turner said.

While the workers were able to safely exit the vehicle and get off the tracks, the lasagna was not so lucky. According to The Ledger:

The train, which was traveling at approximately 32 mph, sliced through the trailer, carrying a portion of it with it as it continued down the tracks. Cartons and boxes of frozen food spilled all over the tracks.

The crash delayed traffic for about two hours while crews worked to clean up the mess, according to Fox Carolina.

While damage to the tractor-trailer was estimated to total $150,000, there's been no word yet on how much delicious frozen lasagna was lost in the tragedy.

Though authorities managed to get traffic running again after removing the truck and train, the lasagna cleanup took all day, well into the early evening.

“There was an inch of lasagna ground into the pavement,” Turner told The Ledger. “[The firefighters] came down with the truck to hose off the road but the water was beading up. They eventually used big buckets of detergent and brooms to scrub the roadway.”

Rest in pasta, delicious frozen lasagna.

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