Laser-Guided Tactical Pizza Cutter Is Obviously Completely Necessary (PHOTO)

No. No we really don't.

There are certain tasks in life that require tactical precision -- dismantling an explosive, discharging a firearm, slicing a wedding cake. You know what we probably wouldn't count among those things? Cutting a pizza.

Good people of the internet, are your hands so shaky that you are mangling a pizza as you try to slice it? Are your loved ones so aggressively dissatisfied with your pizza cutting ability that they're revolting? Have you been disproportionally divvying up pepperoni slices? THE HUMANITY. Let's all thank heavens that someone invented a laser-guided pizza cutter. No, really.

laser pizza cutter

This apparatus includes both a laser sight and a flashlight in its design, just in case you are cutting a pizza inside a tank. You can pick one up for yourself, or your favorite shaky-handed pizza lover on ThinkGeek for $14.99.

[via Foodbeast]

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