'Lash!' Hilariously Parodies The Inanity Of Lifestyle Deep Web

If you really don't understand throw pillows, and prep for a dinner party involves cheap wine and Seamless, we think you'll relate to a new video poking fun at the lifestyle blog deep web.

"I blog about the cultural importance of bangs" deadpans Greta Lee (who you might recognize as Soojin from "Girls") in the welcome video for a fake sisterhood of lifestyle bloggers called "Lash!" that pledges to "Make Women Better." The parody also features comediennes Abbi Crutchfield, Laura Grey and Mikala Birma.

With YouTube gurus offering to help us solve beauty dilemmas we didn't know we had until we clicked play, it suddenly seems necessary to find someone to help you "take simple things, make them hard, and make them simple again," as one Lash! member offers. We'll just take simple -- hold the hard, thanks.



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