Kids Teach 'Last Comic Standing' How To Deliver A Punchline

Kids Teach 'Last Comic Standing' How To Deliver A Punchline

Before stepping on stage, Jason Weems, a Kindergarten teacher at Leith Walk Elementary in Baltimore, takes a comedic note from his kids. In an article for the Baltimore Sun, Weems talks about why kids pack the punchline:

"Kids are just a universal topic, whether they're black kids or white kids, and no matter who you're talking to, that can bring a whole room together," Weems said.

He draws rich material from his own personal experience in the city's school system, and believes that adversity can be overcome with a little laughter. He brings his funny, fresh energy to the classroom but has little tolerance for misbehavior. The Sun reports:

"In the classroom, Weems is serious, taking misbehaving students to the side to make sure 'they're acting like they got some sense.' "

Because he attributes his stand-up success to the kids, Weems may not want to quit his day job anytime soon. He tells The Sun about his primary source for inspiration:

"The classroom is a breeding ground for jokes...I just go on stage and repeat what they say, and it's gold. I probably owe some of these kids some money."

Catch his first show "Jason Weems, Vol. 1: Intellectual Property," at The LOF/t Theatre in Baltimore on Dec. 4.


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