Watch Ewan McGregor Play Jesus And Lucifer In 'Last Days In The Desert' Film

In this exclusive clip, the two foes have a heart-to-heart.

Ewan McGregor assumed the difficult task of playing both Jesus Christ and his nemesis, Lucifer, in “Last Days in the Desert,” a new film by Colombian director Rodrigo Garcia. Understandably, the Scottish actor said it was "daunting" to take on the roles.

“You can’t approach something like that without being a little freaked out by the nature of it,” McGregor told The Huffington Post. "We were showing the human side to [Jesus], exploring the human side of a young rabbi who is aware of the path that’s been set in front of him."

The film encounters Jesus toward the end of his 40 days of fasting in the desert, as depicted in the Christian gospel. In the imagined addition to the biblical story, Jesus happens upon a family in the wilderness and becomes enmeshed in their lives, hoping to remedy the internal conflicts between father, mother and son. All along the way, Lucifer teases and tempts Jesus in the hope of distracting him from his path as the son of God.

What's revealed is a fascinating relationship between the two foes. They argue, criticize one another, and, surprisingly, even sit down at one point to chat about the ever-looming but never seen figure of God.

A portion of this intimate chat is depicted in the exclusive clip from the film above. Moments before the clip begins, Jesus, Lucifer and the other characters in the film watch a shooting star dance across the night sky. Even Lucifer seems enraptured by the sight, and Jesus interrogates him about this momentary glimmer of wonder.

"Last Days in the Desert" hits theaters on May 13, but in the meantime, check out the clip above for a glimpse of what's to come.



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