'Last Man Standing': Kim Kardashian Cameo Causes Mandy To Freak Out (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian took some time off from her busy schedule filming her own reality show to bring her camera crew with her for a guest spot as herself on "Last Man Standing" (Tue., 8:30 p.m. EST on ABC). While most of the family was trying to fight city hall over a tree on their property, and losing, Mandy was completely obsessed about Kim K. coming to town to do a book signing.

She was first in line when Kim showed up for the signing. Everything was going well, until Mandy asked if she could hug Kim, Kim agreed, and then Mandy proceeded to knock over most of the books on Kim's table trying to get to her. She never got to hug her idol, but she did get to sound and look like a crazy stalker as security pulled her away.

After the video of her meltdown was featured on a tabloid TV show, Mandy was distraught and hiding under a blanket when Kim surprised her by showing up at her front door. With a camera crew, of course. She was there to give Mandy some advice. When you're feeling down, what's always there for you is family. It was a great moment, and Kim was glad they captured it on camera. She then gave her stalker fan some promises about getting together sometime in California and got out of there before Mandy got any more ideas in her head.

Catch new episodes of "Last Man Standing" Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC.

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