In 'Last Men In Aleppo,' Heroes Rescue Victims Of The Syrian Civil War

See the exclusive trailer.

The moving new documentary “Last Men in Aleppo” offers one of the most unflinching portraits of the Syrian Civil War committed to film. Chronicling the White Helmets, a volunteer defense group in the rebel-controlled capital of Syria, Feras Fayyad’s film finds humanity in the rubble. After each bombing, the movie’s two central figures scurry through the ruins to rescue survivors. All around them, their homeland becomes plagued by more and more wreckage. 

Above, The Huffington Post has the exclusive trailer for “Last Men in Aleppo.” Winner of the Sundance Film Festival grand jury prize, the doc is a must-see record of lifesaving heroes.

It opens in New York on May 3, with a nationwide rollout to follow.



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