Valentine's Day Gifts: A Guide To Last-Minute Presents Sure to Impress

Tomorrow is the big day, and if you are still scrambling to find a gift for your sweetie, don't despair. I am a professional matchmaker and here are a few last-minute gift ideas that will bring a smile to your partner's face:

Unique Flower vase from Art Style Innovation

- Flowers in a cool vase. It may seem like the obvious choice, but if you put them in a great, unusual and interesting vase, then your gal with think you took that extra step. When you purchase the flowers, do NOT get them at the supermarket or the corner bodega; they always look cheap and she can always tell. Additionally, if you want to go with roses, don't do red roses -- that's too easy -- go with a peach or pink rose or forget the roses altogether and go with her favorite flower if you know it and then put them into an Art Deco Vase like the one at Art Style Innovation.

Amanda Sterett Savannah Choker

- Jewelry. You don't have to break your piggybank to give her a bauble. Go ahead and pick a wonderful costume piece but just make sure, SHE, not your mom, your sister or your ex, will actually like it. If she is a statement gal, go with a necklace like the ones from Snook N Company. (No not the gal from Jersey Shore). If she is more classic with a whimsical side, go for a necklace like from Amanda Sterett.

- A unique Wine. Wine is a great unisex gift if your honey enjoys it. Neither you nor your partner need to be a connoisseur to give wine as a gift. Try a bottle of Prosecco or an Iced Wine. These are both a little fun, different and something you can share together.

- Spending a little extra. If your sweetie does enjoy wine or just interesting home decor, why not get him or her something like a Wine spinner. This is the height of home decor and it acts as Lazy Susan for drinking. You put it on your coffee table and you can put your bottle, your wineglasses, even your coasters on it and it can stay out as a design element in your home to boot.

Toscano Ethanol Indoor Fireplace

- Go uniquely romantic. If you have given candles in the past and you are looking for something that sets the mood, one of a kind and just cool, go with an indoor fireplace. They come in all shapes and sizes, you add some ethanol and poof, you have a fireplace right in your home. Gorg, fun and romantic all at once. Or you can choose a fabulous whimsical serving tray with Q-tips or spoons inside it; it's one of a kind, a conversation piece and it's uniqueness makes it, oh, so romantic.

- A mix CD or file for her iTunes. If you want to show her that you are taking the time to do something special, go old school and mix a group of songs for her. Make sure they are uniquely to her taste, even if you are gagging as you mix it; it's for her. If you are making it for him, don't use the mix to send cryptic messages to him about your relationship, make one he would really enjoy. .

- A spa day or afternoon. There are so many spas out there that offer both female and male services. Go ahead and get a gift certificate to an interesting one and send your significant other in for a treatment. And to make this gift even more special, don't just hand him or her an envelope with the certificate, make the extra effort and buy some massage oil or a facial or body products, put it in a box, wrap it and then attach the certificate; this way they get two gifts in one.

- The right card. Cards are tough. It's important that you choose the proper one and then, you MUST write SOMETHING inside it. If this is a new relationship, definitely go funny -- choose one of those shoebox greeting cards and sign your name. Don't make it raunchy and funny is better than the generic "Happy Valentine's Day." If you have been dating for awhile and are exclusive, you need to show up with more than one card, one can still be funny, but the other needs some sentiment. Be careful about how lovey-dovey it is, you don't want to give the wrong message but you need to say something. And if you are married or with this person for the long haul, you probably already know the kind of card he or she wants, so step up and get it.

Zoku Duo Ice Pop Maker

- Something fun. Valentine's Day gifts don't always have to be serious or "grown-up." Get your honey something like a Zoku Duo ice popsicle maker or go pick and purchase his and her bikes. Things like this are things you can do together.

Hammacher Schlemmer Negative converter

- A gadget. Men tend to prefer gadgets more than women, but these days, there are a great deal of gadgets out there for women, too. For a man who is also a photo or gadget junkie or for a woman who is very sentimental, pick out something like a negative to digital photo converter . Or you can get him or her something like a personalized iPhone or Blackberry holder.

No matter what you choose, spend time thinking about the person for whom you are buying the gift, what they like and don't like and then spend the time putting some extra touches like having it wrapped, putting it in a special bag and/or giving it to her in a candlelit room. The key is to make it feel special and thoughtful and then you can't go wrong.

Samantha Daniels is a well known professional matchmaker, President of Samantha's Table Matchmaking and the author of "Matchbook: The Diary of a Modern Day Matchmaker" (Simon & Schuster). You can read more from Samantha on her personal blog, Matchmaker in the Know. Follow Samantha Daniels on Twitter @Matchmakersd.