Last Minute Gifts - Fun Finds!

Last Minute Gifts - Fun Finds!
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It's the last few days of the holiday season and you find yourself scrambling to complete all your holiday shopping. There are always a few people on your list that are so difficult to shop for. Golden Girls Network is here to help! We have some fun ideas for last minute gifts for every Golden Girl on your shopping list.


ShanaLogic Nail Decals - Of course we couldn't resist these creative and kitschy Golden Girls nail decals from ShanaLogic! We can think of no better way to pay tribute to the original Golden Girls than by wearing them on your fingers. The Golden Girls Nail Decal set comes with 64 decals and you can mix it up with Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, "Golden Girls," and "Stay Golden" designs. We love this idea for a stocking stuffer or as a housemate gift for your Golden Girls roommates. Plus the decals are only $9!


HopeRocks - We love HopeRocks - both its jewelry and message. Each HopeRocks Jewelry piece is made with stones that signify a mood or belief - some jewelry is made with stones that promote luck and strength, while others highlight positivity and good fortune. Even more important, though, HopeRocks Jewelry donates 10 percent of every sale to Generation Hope, an organization that provides direct sponsorships and one-on-one mentoring to teen parents who are attending college. A beautiful bracelet is priced at $48.


Good Day Socks - Show your holiday spirit from your head down to your cozy toes! Good Day socks were designed with the uplifting message, "Gonna Be a Good Day," on each toe. This festive pair features a fun candy cane motif and comes in a coordinating gift box, making it a truly original gift for the holidays! This is the perfect stocking stuffer at only $12.


Golden Girls Network - Know a baby boomer woman thinking about shared housing? Give her the gift of companionship and affordable housing! Help your Golden Girl get going on her shared home with dozens of tips and ideas in my book, How to Start a Golden Girls Home. And with membership in Golden Girls Network free through the end of the year, there's no better time to get started! How to Start a Golden Girls Home is available on for just $14.99 for the paperback or $9.99 for the Kindle version.

Bonnie Moore, 70, is the President and Founder of Golden Girls Network, the only nationwide network that helps mature adults find roommates and access the resources they need to make shared living work. She is also the author of How to Start a Golden Girls Home.

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