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Last Name Change: Should Women Take Their Husband's Last Name After Marriage?

Wedding rings
Wedding rings

On Thursday, Guardian columnist Jill Filipovic's piece "Why Should Married Women Change Their Names? Let Men Change Theirs" sparked a lot of discussion in the Twittersphere. In the article, Filipovic argued that our names are part of our identities and to change them is to give up "the most basic marker of your identity."

"When women see our names as temporary or not really ours, and when we understand that part of being a woman is subsuming your own identity into our husband's, that impacts our perception of ourselves and our role in the world," she wrote. "It lessens the belief that our existence is valuable unto itself, and that as individuals we are already whole. It disassociates us from ourselves, and feeds into a female understanding of self as relational –- we are not simply who we are, we are defined by our role as someone's wife or mother or daughter or sister."

We posed the question to our Twitter followers on Thursday, asking them what they thought of Filipovic's proposition. Click through the slideshow below to see what they had to say.

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