'Last Night Never Happened' Helps You Undo Social Media Wrongs

'Last Night Never Happened' Helps You Undo Social Media Wrongs

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Go out, get drunk, post on your ex-boyfriend's wall with typo-ridden declarations of love, then tweet humiliating picture of self making the OK sign while dancing topless on a bar.

If any of this evokes some remembered dread of social networking gone embarrassingly inebriated, you might need Last Night Never Happened, an iPhone app that helps you delete incriminating digital evidence from an unfortunate evening.

What it is: Last Night Never Happened links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that you can delete your selected photos, posts, and tweets for a chosen number of hours from the evening before.

How it works: LNNH lets you log into your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and choose the number of hours back to delete posts from, at which point the app will display just how many things you posted during that period.

That includes Facebook photos and wall posts, as well as tweets and direct messages. LNNH even lets you post a personalized message to replace the erased posts. But, as they warn, deletion is forever.

"Should you choose to use Last Night Never Happened to delete your Facebook or Twitter posts, we will not be able to help you retrieve them. When we say 'Last Night Never Happened', we mean it," they say.

The app doesn't store user information, and makes you confirm deletion before going ahead.

Why you'd use it: The last five years have been an incredibly rude awakening for millions of people having to face the fact that online privacy may increasingly be an oxymoron. Many people have become Internet-famous on the strength of their web foibles become instantly broadcast across the whispering wall of the web. Many more have just gotten fired, or ruined relationships.

"This app will save your life (well, at least your social life...)" the app proclaims, and while, by the time you implement it, it could be too late, it's probably better than never.

How to get it: Visit the website or go to the iTunes store, where it is available for the "hangover special" of $0.99.

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