Last Republican Debate Of 2011: Out Of Context (VIDEO)

WATCH: Last Night's Debate, Out Of Context

Thursday night's Republican debate -- the final one of 2011 -- had its fair share of funny moments, and for once we'd say each GOP candidate contributed an equal amount of unintentional one-liners.

If you didn't get to watch, or just want to relive the best moments, we've condensed all the funniest quotes, awkward pauses and heated back-and-forths from the nearly two-hour debate in just under a minute and a half.

As you might imagine, the candidates are even funnier out of context, with lines like John Huntstman's "We're getting screwed!" and Michele Bachmann's "I spent 50 years as a real person" sounding more like the rantings of a mental patient than a presidential hopeful.

Of course, Rick Perry comparing himself to Tim Tebow and moderator Brett Baier's utter disgust with each candidate's disrespect for the "ding" required almost no editing for humor.

Watch the full out-of-context recap above and tell us your favorite line in the comments.

Video by Ben Craw

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