Painter Recreates 'The Last Supper' With A Table Of Homeless Men

"I suppose for any one of us this might be our last supper."

In artist Iain Campbell's latest painting, 13 men are gathered around a modern, humble feast. Some wear tired but satisfied expressions on their faces, others are engaged in conversation.

As Campbell told the BBC, "There's a sense that there is some real raw stories behind the faces in the painting."

This week, Campbell, an artist-in-residence at St. George's Tron Church of Scotland, unveiled the painting, entitled "Our Last Supper." It was Campbell's own rendition of the iconic Last Supper scene, famously depicted by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century.

But, instead of Jesus and his apostles, all the men featured in the painting are homeless and regularly share meals together at a local homeless center and soup kitchen.

The inspiration for the painting's title came when one of the men told him,"I suppose for any one of us this might be our last supper," Campbell told the BBC.

For instance, John Wallace, one of the men featured in the painting, lost his home after a relationship ended, according to the Church of Scotland. He has been coming to the Glasgow City Mission, regularly for over four years.

"I go up the mission to see my friends. We are all regulars there," Wallace told the Church of Scotland. "And when someone comes in they try to make people feel welcome. You've always got somebody that will talk to you."

Campbell chose the group of homeless men in order to highlight the issue of homelessness in his community, the Herald Scotland reported.

"There has been more in the headlines this year about poverty and food banks. This community has really felt it," Campbell told the Church of Scotland. "But people in Glasgow are so generous and this painting represents that."

Campbell says people want to know which man in the painting represents Jesus -- a question he purposefully avoided in his composition of the 13 men.

"Any one of them could represent Jesus," he told The National.

Below, a time lapse of Campbell painting "Our Last Supper."

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